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segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2016

Fwd: eBook on Integrated Home Systems: Flexible electrical installations for more functionality

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Subject: eBook on Integrated Home Systems: Flexible electrical installations for more functionality


Leonardo Energy
Integrated Home Systems:
Flexible electrical installations for more functionality

Dear sandro,

I'm pleased to announce to you the launch of this completely revised and updated edition of the Integrated Home Systems course. I hope it will provide you with a better understanding of modern electrical installations in residential homes.

Overview of Chapters

1. Definition

People can be at cross purposes when talking about integrated home systems, and can actually be talking about different things. In order to avoid mistakes, confusion and abuse, we endeavour to define the term "integrated home systems" here. We will analyse the key words of the definition and give practical examples. We will also look at why it is now, and not 30 years ago or in 30 years' time, that we want to use integrated home systems. We will discuss the difference between integrated home systems and building automation, and we will present the argument why we prefer not to use the term "home automation". Read this chapter on Definition.

2. Functions

It should be clear that the installer has to provide added value before he can call it an integrated home system. To do this, he has to start with the needs of the people living there. The integrated home system functions implemented in one home will be of a different nature to another, depending on who occupies it. Young people with small children have totally different needs as opposed to elderly couples whose children have long since left home. Read this chapter on Functions.

3. The Systems File

Every installed integrated home system must be accompanied by a file. This file will not only be used for the acceptance, but also as a working instrument for the installer. A working instrument that will not only prove its worth during inst allation, but also during the after-sales service. Read this chapter on The Systems File.

4. Technical Examination

This chapter discusses where the system intelligence is located, the topology and the media of the installation. We also devote attention to the components of an IHS system and touch on various safety issues. In the final section, we discuss several installation techniques and provide some handy tips for installing an IHS system. Read this chapter on Technical Examination.

5. Structured Cabling

The expansion of the various networks in the home is enormous. It is therefore obvious that we are looking for solutions for dealing with such network cabling in the home in a well thought out way. In this chapter, we will discuss a few practical examples and smart solutions. We will see that the flexibility (the adaptability) of the installation will play an important role. Read this chapter on Structured Cabling.

6. Controlling Heating with IHS

In this chapter of the Integrated Home Systems course we will first look at the basic characteristics of a central heating system. We will then examine control via IHS. With the help of this chapter you should be able to enter into a conversation with the heating specialist. On the one hand, the purpose of that conversation will be to build a relationship of trust between both parties, and on the other to gather the necessary information (for both parties) to achieve a sound integration. Read this chapter on Controlling Heating with IHS.

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Kind regards,
Guy Kasier
The Leonardo ENERGY team

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