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sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2016

Fwd: SS on Wind and Solar Energy Conversion Systems (IEEE-TIE)

Prof. Paulo Roberto Brandt
Rádio e Televisão Educativa
     Rua Antonio da Veiga, 140 - Bloco R - Sala R 117
     Fone 47-3321.0600/3321.0595
Departamento de Engenharia Elétrica e de Telecomunicações
     Rua São Paulo, 3250 - Bloco F - Sala 201
     Fone 47-3221.6027 

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From: Enrique Espina González <>
Date: 2016-04-15 15:31 GMT-03:00
Subject: SS on Wind and Solar Energy Conversion Systems (IEEE-TIE)
To: Roberto Cárdenas <>

Dear Colleagues:


On behalf of Prof Jon Clare, Dr. Marcelo Perez and myself, I would

like to invite you to submit the recent advances of your research

activity to the special section:

"Control and Grid Integration of MW-Range Wind and Solar Energy
Conversion Systems". The call for papers is available at:

The call for papers is also attached to this email. Topics of interest

to this Special Section include but are not limited to:

-  Power electronic and control methods to connect large Multi-MW WECs
to the electrical system providing ancillary services.

-  Power electronic, control and hardware topologies for grid
collection and energy transmission from off-shore power conversion

-  Design and control of high power to volume ratio and/or high power
to weight ratio power converters for wind and solar energy

- Novel power electronic topologies for grid integration of wind
turbines, wind farms and photovoltaic systems. Including but not
limited to: active NPC converters, power converters with flying
capacitors, modular multilevel converters, etc.

-Novel control systems and power electronic topologies required to
provide fault ride-through capability to wind and solar energy
conversion systems.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is May the 31st, 2016.

Best Regards


Roberto Cárdenas
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Chile
Phone 56 229784816

Corresponding Guest Editor.


Sandro Geraldo Bagattoli
Universidade Regional de Blumenau
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